Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Tips for Using Cloth Swim Diapers

The warmer months are getting closer and it's time that many of us start thinking about swimwear that is! How adorable is a little one all dressed in their swimsuit, little hats and sandals, sunglasses?.... a picture perfect moment! But that picture perfect moment can quickly be ruined with a swim diaper mishap!

Have you ever used disposable swim diapers? Back when my son was a baby, we were given a few packages, and honestly, we were not fans! Not only were they horribly overpriced, but they also seemed as though they'd be horribly uncomfortable too! The good news is, you don't have to throw your money away by buying disposable swim diapers...and if you're already cloth diapering you probably have just what you need already in your stash! To help you get started, here are a few quick things to know about using cloth diapers as swim diapers!

  • Swim diapers aren't meant to be absorbent! Perhaps you're thinking a cloth diaper in the pool sounds crazy...won't they be heavy the moment your little one steps into the pool? But a swim diaper isn't meant to absorb for just that reason. Instead, it is just meant to keep messes contained. So, no absorbency is needed!
  • Swim Diaper or Regular Diaper? There are many diapers on the market designed specifically for swimming, which can be a great addition to your stash... especially if you swim often. However, if you already have cloth diapers, there truly is no need for anything special. Simply remove an insert from a regular pocket diaper and you are ready to go!
  • Delaminated diapers? Don't toss them out! If you've been cloth diapering long, chances are you've met the dreaded delaminated diaper. These diapers are no longer waterproof, making them no good for normal every day use, but ideal for swimming! So if a beloved diaper starts to delaminate, designate it as a swim diaper- you'll get to continue using it, and will save money on special swim diapers as well. 
  • Chlorine & Cloth. Personally, I've had no problems using our regular diapers for swimming, but we also only swim in a little kiddie pool in our yard. If you are swimming in a chlorine pool, it's a good idea to set aside a few diapers specifically for swim. Over time, the chlorine can cause the PUL to break down making them useless for everyday diapers. 
  • Washing Swim Diapers. When the fun is over, throw your diapers in the wash with the rest of your swim clothes! Because absorbency isn't a problem with swim diapers, there is no need to take special care in washing (aside from skin sensitivities, of course!)
Using a cloth diaper as a swim diaper is a great way to save money, give new life to old diapers and of course, keeps your little ones looking their most adorable as well.

Do you use cloth for swimming? What tips do you have?

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