Monday, February 23, 2015

Top Reasons Randi loves Cloth Diapers

It's February...the month of love, where we all celebrate the people and things we love. And today I'm celebrating my love of cloth. Oh, cloth do I love thee!? Let me count the ways:

  • The savings! Let's start with the most practical reason to love cloth- how much money can be saved!! With that extra money we're not spending on diapers each week/month, we can feel free to buy more things we love! (Even if that means more cloth diapers!)
  • Better for Earth, Better for Baby! Another logical reason to love cloth! I love knowing that I'm producing less waste in the landfills and giving my baby the healthiest alternatives! With her delicate baby skin, that's a GREAT thing!
  • They're adorable! A little less practical reason, but nonetheless true! There is something super adorable about a fluffy bottom. The bright colors, the fun don't get that with a disposable now, do you?
  • They're worry free. As I write this, we have a snowstorm heading our way...but am I worried about running out of diapers? Absolutely not. We've got our cloth diapers and our washing machine...and we're prepared for anything! Snowstorm? No problem! Car troubles? No problem! Zombie apocalypse? No problem! (Well, not with diapers anyway!)
  • The community! Oh, what a wonderful world this cloth diapering community is! There may be a few bad apples, but overall I have met some wonderful people through our cloth diapering experience! Like minded mommies bonding over what's on their babies bottom? Yes, please!
  • Fluff Mail. Is there a cloth diapering mama out there who doesn't enjoy getting fluff in the mail? I didn't think so! It's not NEARLY as exciting to post a photo of the package of disposables you just bought, is it?
Yes, there are certainly a million and one reasons to love cloth! From the practical to the frivolous...what's not to love!

How about you? Why do YOU love cloth diapers?

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