Monday, January 5, 2015


Wool and cloth diapering, often the cause of fear and avoidance, are a natural 

combination. Despite common misconceptions, wool is actually pretty easy to care 

for and can require less maintenance than your PUL covers, pocket diapers, or all-in-

ones. What if I was to tell you that you need only wash your wool covers/longies 

every couple of weeks (given that you have no blowouts)? You need only air out 

your wool covers between uses, as the lanolin in wool possesses self-cleaning 

properties. After a couple of weeks of use, or if a blowout occurs, simply hand wash 

your cover in lukewarm water with a mild soap (no “special” wool wash needed), 

and air dry. Honestly, it’s that easy!

Wool really is an incredibly natural fiber, lending itself to cloth diapering. Wool can 

absorb twice it’s weight, is able to both repel and wick away moisture, and regulates 

temperature like a champ! Because of it’s ability to both absorb liquid, and repel 

with lanolin, wool is an ideal choice for tricky overnight diapering. Paired with a 

prefold, fitted diaper, and/or inserts, wool covers and longies are a wonderful 

solution to overnight leaks with most commercial diapers. If you don’t want to give 

up your favorite diaper, simply place a wool cover over your pocket or all-in-one 

diaper to prevent leaks.

While many people associate wool with colder temperatures (think longies for little 

ones), wool is also an excellent fiber to cloth diaper with in the summer, when 

temperatures soar. When I was using prefolds and fitteds exclusively, my son lived 

in wool covers, longies, and shorties in the summer. Not only did the wool allow for 

greater air flow than PUL covers, diaper changes were much easier with longies and 

shorties doubling as both a diaper cover and bottoms (no need for extra steps).

If you’re interested in exploring more cloth diapering options, or are having 

difficulty finding a nighttime cloth diaper solution, I would strongly encourage you 

to give wool a try. If finances are tight, many work at home moms offer upcycled 

wool soakers, longies, and shorties for a fraction of the price of commercially cound 

wool. So, what are you waiting for?

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