Wednesday, September 3, 2014


You’ve breezed through the newborn diapering phase with daily loads of laundry, many sleepless nights, and have mastered the perfect cloth diaper fit on your little one…and then s/he a.) becomes mobile, b.) starts eating solids, c.) becomes a heavy wetter, or d.) all of the above.  Never fear, help is here! 
Your baby’s milestones often tamper with your fine-tuned cloth diapering regimen, but with a few tweaks, you can cloth diaper with confidence again!

At some point, your little one will likely need more absorption in his/her diaper, whether nighttime, naptime, or throughout the day.  While many cloth diapering families are able to adjust their diaper absorbency by adding additional inserts, adding some natural fibers to your cloth diaper routine may give you the additional absorbency you need, keeping your little one dry and comfortable.  Smarti Pants Smart Sleeves inserts can help give an additional absorbency boost to your cloth diapers.

Heavy wetting often leads to accidents while out and about.  Don’t forget to pack an additional wet bag, along with a spare change of clothing, so that you’re prepared for the inevitable accident while out.  I can’t count the number of times I had to get creative because I wasn’t prepared for a diaper accident while out with my son.  Stock up on extra Smarti Pants Smart Tote wet bags (you can thank me later).

The introduction of solid foods into your little one’s diet is a cloth diapering game changer.  Once your little one begins eating solid foods, your days of simply throwing soiled diapers into the diaper pail, without rinsing or removing solids, are over.  A cloth diaper sprayer, or diaper liners, are a great help in tackling soiled cloth diapers at this point in the game.

When my son became mobile, I had to change our entire cloth diapering process, as prefolds and snappis were becoming a challenge on the changing table.  Smartipants one-size cloth diapers allow you to easily change the fit and absorbency as your baby grows and becomes more mobile.

How has your cloth diapering regimen changed as your baby has grown older?

Contributed by: Lauren!

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