Monday, July 7, 2014

5 Surprising Reasons to Love Cloth Diapers

We all know the primary reasons that most decide to use cloth diapers- they're better for baby and the planet and they save you a ton of money. Those are pretty obvious. Chances are if you're using cloth, it's based on one of those factors or a combination of them at least! And all are fantastic reasons to love cloth. For us, all were contributing factors, but the number one was certainly the cost! Still, after beginning cloth I found that there were many other reasons to love cloth that you don't hear about as often. Here's a look at five surprising reasons I love cloth.

5. Fluffy bums are adorable. Okay, that's pretty obvious, right? And let's be honest that IS a primary reason for some. For us, it wasn't the deciding factor but it certainly is a great benefit. Vibrant colors and cute just don't get that with a disposable!!

4.The community. In my experience the cloth diapering community is a pretty great one. Oh sure, there are some bad apples and the occasional drama but overall, I've had fantastic experiences. I've 'met' some wonderful like minded bloggers, fellow moms and even the ladies at my local cloth diapering shop. They are a great group of supportive ladies who I'm glad to have gotten the chance to know more about!

3. They're the gateway to all things green. For many moms (particularly those who chose to cloth to save money), cloth diapering soon leads to going green in other areas of their lives- they start switching to mama cloth or washing their clothes with soap nuts...or greening their cleaning and otherwise eliminating chemicals from their homes. For me, I was fairly eco-conscious before cloth came along...BUT it was through cloth that I learned of some green alternatives I was unaware of before- like wool dryer balls which I now LOVE! It was also through cloth diapering that I learned about all the amazing properties of coconut oil for all areas of life. I also learned more about essential oils where body care was concerned!

2. They save money...on PANTS! Yes, once again we all know that they save money over disposables, but what everyone fails to mention is that they can reduce/eliminate the need for pants. Pair them with a coordinating tee with or without legwarmers and you're set! Can you do that with disposable? Maybe, but they don't look NEARLY as adorable! (See reason 5)

1. To be honest, I'm lazy! Wait, what? How can cloth diapering be good for a 'lazy mom'? Simple, I'm too lazy to make a run to the store when I run out of diapers! Don't get me wrong, I love shopping...but diapers never run out when it's convenient and that means getting everyone dressed and loaded into the car...then into the store...and like I said, I'm just too lazy for that! When it seems like I'm getting low on diapers, I just toss them in the wash! So easy...and I don't even have to change out of my yoga pants!

Have you found any surprising reasons to love cloth diapers? Any friends you've made through them? Lessons learned? What do YOU love about using cloth?

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