Monday, December 16, 2013

Pant Choices and Alternatives for Bulky Cloth

Cold weather has arrived for most of us. This means going pants-less is not an option for our cute fluffy tushy babies. There are many cloth diaper options out there that are slim and allow for wearing of normal pants, but others are bulky whether it's the style of the diaper or the need to add extra inserts for absorbency. So, what are your options when your baby’s diaper is too bulky for normal bottoms?

The first option you have is to find pants with a little extra stretch to them. Infant/Toddler jeans with stretch in the fabric or jeggings are a good option for fitting over the bulk and not having to worry about moving up sizes and dealing with too long of pants. Stores that I’ve seen stretchy jeans/jeggings at include Walmart, Target, Crazy 8, The Children’s Place, and Baby Gap to name a few. Also non-jean fabrics are generally a good option for stretching over diapers [a few options in here would be cords, sweatpants, cotton fabric or fleece bottoms]. Just be sure that once on they are not causing too much compression upon the diaper which could lead to leaks.

A second option is buy pants with adjustable waist bands in one size larger than what your child wears. That way there is more room within the pant to accommodate the diaper but you can adjust the elastic in the waistband tighter so the pants aren’t falling off your baby. In most cases the extra length won’t be a huge issue since the diaper will raise the pant up a little, but if you do find the pants are a little longer you can fold the hem up if need be- luckily this time of year many children are wearing boots so you are able to hide the folded hem inside those J A few stores that I’ve seen carry adjustable waist bands include Target, The Children’s Place and Old Navy.

A third option is to find alternatives to pants. In less chilly areas, this could be skirts with thick tights for girls. Boys are much harder to find alternatives too since you can’t put them in a dress or skirt. For boys in warmer climate areas can do baby legs in the winter, but for majority of winter areas you’ll probably have to use first or second option.

Whatever option you choose, to avoid leaks, choose a pant or pant alternative that will not cause compression issues and are loose enough for baby to have a free range of leg motion.

Let us know what has worked for keeping your cloth diapered baby’s legs warm during the winter seasons!

Contributed by: Alex

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