Friday, October 4, 2013

Incorporating Cloth Diapers into Your Halloween Costume

Can you believe that Halloween is less than 4 weeks away? Have you thought about what your little one’s dress up as, or if you will be dressing them up for your own photo shoot? If your baby is still in cloth diapers, Halloween/Harvest Parties are the perfect time to show off those cute fluffy bums, and maybe even convert a few mom’s or dad’s to cloth diapers as well.

Here are a few simple ideas on incorporating cloth diapers into your Halloween costume.

• Pick a fall colored cloth diaper. Smartipants makes a vibrant line of colored cloth diapers ranging from Hot Chocolate Brown to Fire Engine Red. These are perfect to celebrate fall.

• Match your cloth diaper to your costume. Whatever your child may be this Halloween, there is certain to be a diaper to match. Here are some examples:

1. Cookie Monster – True Blue
2. Elmo – Fire Engine Red
3. Dog – Hot Chocolate, Jet Black or White
4. Thomas the Train – Fire Engine Red,
5. Princess – Think Pink, Lovely Lavender, or Bubble Gum Pink

• Add in some babylegs or a matching wet bag. Babylegs are essentially leg warmers for babies that look super cute with cloth diapers. Babylegs come in all different styles, colors, and prints. There are many different manufacturers that make these “cloth diaper accessories.” You can even coordinate with the outfit ideas listed above. For instance, try a red and white stripped pair for Elmo or a blue and red argyle pattern for Thomas the Train. Be creative!

No matter what costume or fall outfit you pick for your little one’s you will be sure to find the cutest cloth diapers from Smartipants. Since your diaper will be the talk of the party, this is also a great and non-invasive way to share about your love of cloth diapers with other families! You never know!

What are your ideas for incorporating cloth diapers into your baby’s costume?

Contributed by: Julie

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