Friday, July 12, 2013

How to Convert a Smartipants Pocket Diaper into a Swim Diaper for the Summer

I am not exactly the best do-it-yourself kind of gal when it comes to anything sewing. In fact I am totally clueless. I wish I knew how to make things like cloth wipes, liners, or even diapers, but unfortunately right now, I just don’t have the time to learn. But I have a little secret to share that involves NO SEWING, CUTTING or TIME at all! I know, I know, it is hard to believe, but true. It is one of those “known” secrets amount cloth diapering mamas and I will be sharing it today!

1) Take any Smartipants pocket diaper. I prefer to use ones that may be a little more “loved” or “worn” and un-stuff it. Un-stuffing means to take the insert out of the diaper.

2) Apply the un-stuffed pocket diaper to your baby and hit the pool! 

You may be thinking…really? That’s it? Don’t you need more for a real swim diaper?

The answer is NO. Even with disposable swim diapers, they are not meant to absorb pee, they are only used to hold the solids or poop. If you have a good seal on the leg elastics, the unstuffed diaper makes the perfect swim diaper. Remember that you will have to rinse it out good, especially after use in chlorine. Over time the chlorine can wear away at the elastics. Simply rinse and wash with the rest of your diapers, and you are all set!

Personally I like to designate pockets to use as swim diapers so I don’t have to worry about switching back and forth between using them for the pool vs. regular diapers, but this is your preference. On occasion, if I forgot my swim diaper on-the-go, I will use any pocket I have in my diaper bag for a swim diaper. When a baby’s got to swim, a baby’s got to swim!

Contributed by: Julie

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