Friday, June 14, 2013

Pockets vs. Covers: Which is for Me?

When I was a baby, there were only a few types of cloth diapers available, and most were not very user friendly. Your choice was either flats or prefolds with rubber pants. End of story. The modern day cloth diapers that you see now have come a long way, even over the past 10 years or so. So that might bring you to the question of which modern day cloth diaper type is for me? In this article, I hope to examine the pro’s and con’s of two of the most popular modern day cloth diaper types out there, Pockets, and Covers. 

Pockets – Pocket cloth diapers consist of a waterproof outer layer often lined with a soft stay dry material. An absorbent insert is then placed (stuffed) into the stay dry material to absorb the majority of the baby’s waste products.

 • Pockets are very simple to use. Once they have been “stuffed” they are user-friendly and ready for any daddy or daycare. Simply snap on and go. There is no adjusting the insert.
 • While pockets are very easy to use, they still require the stuffing which should be factored into the time spent prepping them.
 • Pocket cloth diapers cannot be reused. After they are wet or soiled, the entire diaper must be washed.
 • Pocket cloth diapers tend to be a little more expensive, but in most cases only slightly as compared to covers.

 Covers – Covers are as they sound, a waterproof cover that requires the placement of a separate absorbable insert on the inside before putting on baby.

• Covers can have a bit of a learning curve as the insert may need to be adjusted to fit properly for the baby.    
• Covers do not however require stuffing any inserts. Simply lay the insert in place and go.
• Covers can also be re-used if they are not soiled (poop), making them more economical because you can often get multiple uses before laundering. Simply wipe the inside of the cover down and hang dry until the next change and re-use.
 • Covers tend to be a bit less expensive than pockets and can be used with a wide variety of inserts (prefolds, flats, fitteds, etc.) 

So whatever your reasons may be for choosing to use either pockets or covers, you can be sure to find both of these types of modern day cloth diapers at Smartipants. Smartipants carries both pockets and covers in a one-size option allowing you to save money on diapers from birth to potty-training.

 So which do you prefer, pockets or covers? And why?

Contributed by: Julie

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