Friday, March 8, 2013

How Cloth Diapering Made Nicole "Green"

Cloth diapering ended up taking over a lot of my life after I started in.  When I first started, I decided to start researching on why disposable diapers were being put down so much in the cloth diapering world.  What I found was HORRIBLE news to me.  The statistics of how long it might take for just one disposable diaper to decompose and realizing how many of those I put into the world is stunning!  That is when I started to research everything.

I found out how long it took for trash bags to decompose first.  And that is when we bought a hose.  Now we just put all the trash in the trash can, throw it out, clean out the trash can outside and repeat.  No trash bags for us which means that our trash decomposes MUCH faster than what it used to.  Not only that, now we only throw out about a total of 1 1/2 trash cans a week...which is awesome for a 4 person family!

We also decided to go to cloth wipes.  When we did that, of course the cloth wipe solution came with it...which meant that everything we were using for the babies bottom was now all natural.  So we just assumed that we should do the same thing for all of our showing/bathing soaps and shampoos.  Also our detergent.  We were buying natural detergent for the diapers anyways, so it just made sense to switch over to all Eco Sprout.

We also use unpaper towels and napkins and NEVER use disposable plates or cups...what a waist of money all that was as well!!!

I think cloth diapering has just really opened up mine and my families life on how easy it is to live a bit more naturally and a bit "greener".  Not to mention, I would LOVE for my planet to be safe for my great great great grandchildren to be living in instead of them all living on top of our trash!  Think about it :-)

Contributed by: Nicole

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