Monday, January 10, 2011

How often do I need to change my baby?

We get this question a lot from new parents and often the question is regarding cloth diapers. The truth is that babies should be changed every 2 hours or so or whenever you notice the diaper is wet or soiled no matter what type of diapers you use.
We recommend changing every 2-3 hours during the day and during the night whenever your baby wakes. If your baby sleeps through the night make sure the diaper is fitted snugly but comfortably and that the absorbency is adequate to get baby through the night. Hemp inserts can be a wonderful addition to your diapers at night to increase absorbency due to their ability to hold a lot of fluid and are great for heavy daytime wetters as well. Place it just behind your microfiber insert in your smartipants for a night combo many of our customers swear by.

If you choose disposable diapers you still should change this often to keep your baby clean, dry and comfortable.

If you prefer to use a barrier cream or diaper ointment at each diaper change we recommend a light layer of aquaphor healing ointment.


  1. How often do I need to change my baby? Smartipants — Blog I liked your article.Btwwonderful subject.

  2. would aquaphor cause repelling in my smartipants?

  3. no a light layer should not cause any problems.

  4. I'm so glad to read that Aquaphor will work! I have been using fleece liners but would prefer to find something that is less of a pain!