Monday, August 2, 2010

Smartipants Announcement!

We’ve had an amazing 1st year sharing Smartipants with you. It was a great pleasure for us to bring a unique diaper to the marketplace. We are so grateful for all of our customers, friends and fans who’ve supported Smartipants throughout this first year of tremendous growth.

We’ve been working hard for many months and we’re finally ready to share some brand new things from Smartipants! We know you’ll love what’s coming next and we can’t wait to continue to share our products and services with you.
We have several announcements today so please make sure to read all the way through to hear about everything we now have to offer!

The number 1 request we have received is more colors for Smartipants! We appreciate that you love your Smartipants diapers and want them in a wider variety of colors. We have a special program beginning August 2, 2010 that will bring more new colors your way. We are introducing our Limited Edition 3-Pack of the month program. We will be offering a brand new 3-Pack of Smartipants in a different and unique color each and every month. Not only are we offering a Limited Edition Diaper each month, the best part is that the color will be chosen by you, our Smartipants Fans!
Our 1st custom color has been in high demand and we’re bringing it to you as our 1st Limited Edition 3-Pack of the Month available exclusively at

Please welcome for August… HOT CHOCOLATE!

This color is available in a limited quantity and will be sold only while supplies last. Check out to see how many we have in stock in our special custom color. Our September Limited Edition 3-Pack of the month will be chosen by Smartipants fans on our facebook page at Become our fan and watch for the poll available from the 1st to the 15th of each month allowing you to vote on next months 3-Pack!

We are also excited to bring you not 1, not 2, not even 3, but 4 NEW PRODUCTS!!!!
We are excited to offer unique new designs and smart new diapers and accessories. Please go to and check out our newest members of the Smartipants family:

“Little Smarti” Newborn All-in-One Diapers, “Smart Fit” One-Size Diaper Covers, “Smart Tote” Wet Bags and “Smart Pail” Laundry Bags!

We are proud of these innovative new designs and we know that you’ll love their smart features and smart price tags!
“Little Smarti” Newborn All-in-One diapers offer a perfect fit for new babies and have the convenience of Velcro style closures. No extra pieces make this a smart choice for baby’s first diaper!

“Smart Fit” One-Size Diaper Covers are truly the most adjustable diaper cover design ever offered! This cover will fit over prefolds and fitteds in any size from newborn to toddler. They offer adjustments never seen before for a truly unique fit!

“Smart Tote” Wet Bags and “Smart Pail” Laundry Bags are now available! These bags are waterproof and zippered making them perfect for toting dirty diapers on the go and storing diaper laundry until wash day! They have a convenient snap handle allowing them to be attached anywhere you need them!

If you think that this was the end of our announcement, wait a second because we are not done yet…. Today for the 1st time at you can find brand new package deals on 12 and 24 packs of Smartipants! The more you buy, the more you save!
Click here to see the savings for yourself and check out the packages we are now offering on Smartipants!

We are so proud of all this exciting news and we are happy to answer questions via our fan page at or you can email questions to For the next hour we will be available on Facebook and Twitter for a Live Q & A, so ask away!


  1. i want to see a picture of the newborn size!!!

  2. Awesome! I'm excited about all these things! I love that there will be new colors (although I REALLY wish they could be bought individually!) And I'm especially excited about the Little Smarti. You should do training pants next!!! :)

  3. I'm a covers and prefolds kind of person so I'm excited to see what features and price tag are on your new cover! I like having lots of options for covers.

  4. I would love to see some interior shots of the newborn diapers! Video of the covers adjustability would be nice as well! YAY for new fun colors but I agree it would be GREAT if they could be bought individually rather than 3 packs!