Friday, May 28, 2010

Eco-friendly tips for parents!

We are all trying to make more environmentally responsible as well as economical choices in raising our families. I've put together some tips to help you get started!

1. Reusable Diapers for baby! Obviously I'm partial to this tip, but it does save an estimated 1 cubic ton of waste from our landfills per child! It also saves $3000 over the cost of disposables when you choose Smartipants!

2. Reusable shopping bags - we all shop and as moms we do it more often! Groceries, baby clothes, laundry detergent and more...tote it home in reusable bags and forget the paper and plastic.

3. Unplug appliances that are not in use. We've made a real effort at home to do this and it's made a difference in our electic bill which means we're saving money and energy. If it's not in use we unplug it!

4. Start a garden- it's good for the earth and for your family and saves money on groceries. You can also grow your own organic fruits and veggies and get your whole family involved in spending time together outdoors. Our family has even taken on the step of doing our own composting and fertilzing our garden.

5. Make your own baby food! This is a great money saver and it is so good for babies and children. You can introduce them to a wonderful variety of in season fruits and vegetables too.

6. Change your lightbulbs. It's a great time to save energy by swapping your old bulbs for energy efficient bulbs. They save energy throughout your house and they last longer!

Please feel free to share the ways your family saves money, energy and the positive things you do to be earth friendly at home in the comments!


  1. #3- you could also use powerstrips. You won't have to actually unplug it, you just flip the switch. This also makes it easier for you to reach the plug.

  2. I agree with your ipinion and your post. Actually, your post is exellent